Ireland and the Crow…


This is the moment I succumb….the soft wind caressing my face, playing in my hair, and kissing my bare skin as I lie in emerald green fields and glades, completely charmed by the depth of oceanic blue eyes and magic of many smiling shores. I don’t want to leave the embrace of this place…this land…so new and yet, familiar. With just ten days in its arms, I live for a lifetime. I breathe in every single and superb scent, sound, and sight. I taste its air with my tongue. I ingest the flavor of its villages and dance to its voice…singing ever so seductively and strong in a language of dreams. I stand…at the edge of a seaside cliff and call out to the great beyond to take me and make me belong….carry me…off and down….below…where I sink….low. And in one swift movement, I am. I am covered and engulfed by a billion grains of sand, the waves overtaking me and blanketing my body in peace….until all I am left with and the only sound I hear is the beating and pulsating heart of the raw and momentary tangibility of this earth…this home…this place…this gift…called Ireland.

The Crow…

‘Tis the season I love and die…as dark warm feathers fold around my fearless form and piercing eyes feast upon the carcass of forlorn cares, transforming trials into tales and tearing apart the flesh of my existence even as intrepid tears of trust turn today into tomorrow and transport me through time…and all space. There is no other place I would rather be…this serendipity…of sound and sight from out of the night. With a love that soars and longs no more, I travel and explore…this iridescent and reflective world in all of its wonderful and reflective brilliance where words rule and the only cruel place is before…you. For it is here that I find refuge and from here that I take flight…and from here that I will meet my finality. For out of the slow-paced silence steps poetic offerings of song and patience…signs of simple strength and grace. Demanding nothing, but sparking deliberate devotion and devouring everything I am…this wandering demon. This feathered fiend. This magnificent and mysterious creature of legend…and knight and hero of my heart. This mythical muse..the crow.

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