Maybe you…

Projects…..I’ve been happily buried in them since my hiatus from my seasonal job commenced mid-April. I did, however, take a week to vacation in Key Largo with my mother at the end of the month. A wonderful and meaningful time spent…..although, I do believe we were driving each other a bit crazy the last dayContinue reading “Maybe you…”

Not the writer here…

After a few months hiatus, I feel like sharing some of what I’ve been going through in my little world. For starters, I visited a friend in North Carolina the month of November, which did not end well…..and finally led to me completely cutting ties with her after returning to Illinois. I believe the badContinue reading “Not the writer here…”

You may think…

You may think I’m the same as all of the others….. But I’m not…..because you’re not, and I recognized you in a moment. And although I was initially reluctant, I gave in. I surrendered. The first night. The second and third. After months of not knowing what was to come…..when the realization first struck. IContinue reading “You may think…”

I want to be…

I want to be your favorite book. I want you to run your fingers and hands over my pages, memorizing every line…..and while other people will never take the time to read me, I want you to never put me on a shelf where I can collect dust. I’m a first edition, first printing, andContinue reading “I want to be…”

A thousand funerals…

At some point during my marital separation in 2008, my (now late) husband accused me of lacking commitment. I didn’t quite see it the same way, considering I felt like I had lived in figurative and literal hell for the better part of 15 years…..but the accusation did make me question whether I could loveContinue reading “A thousand funerals…”


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About Me

Hi, I’m Jeanie. Although a journalist by trade, I have always been enchanted with the idea of writing a book and this is where one may now find me in the latter days of 2020. Working on my first memoir, “From Eggshells to Extraordinary,” I spend my minutes exploring and writing about love, loss, relationships, personal growth, and my own journey and experiences in each of these. In fact, many of the stories, musings, essays, and articles you find in this blog touch on the same topics I also look to share and cover in the new book, so stick around. Subscribe, share, leave a comment (or two,) and even drop me an email if you want to connect and share thoughts and ideas. I’d love to hear from you!

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