When I do…

The messages come in quick succession… car audio announcing every single one as my phone receives it. I guess my long-time friend, Andy, finally read my blog post about a tree. That’s nice, I think. I’m on a road trip with no time to respond and it’s just as well. We often go long periodsContinue reading “When I do…”

Removing the beads…

Traveling alone can be scary in specific moments. Take, for instance, my current hike up the Virgin River in Zion National Park. All is fine when I begin, as there are many people still traversing the canyon waters. However, it doesn’t escape my attention that most people walking the river are returning from the northContinue reading “Removing the beads…”


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About Me

Hi, I’m Jeanie. Although a journalist by trade, I have always been enchanted with the idea of writing a book and this is where one may now find me in the latter days of 2020. Working on my first memoir, “From Eggshells to Extraordinary,” I spend my minutes exploring and writing about love, loss, relationships, personal growth, and my own journey and experiences in each of these. In fact, many of the stories, musings, essays, and articles you find in this blog touch on the same topics I also look to share and cover in the new book, so stick around. Subscribe, share, leave a comment (or two,) and even drop me an email if you want to connect and share thoughts and ideas. I’d love to hear from you!

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