What will you do?

Let’s imagine getting a little house plant and giving it water so that it may grow and flourish.  Now, imagine giving it so much water that you end up drowning it. 

Likewise, imagine planting flowers in your yard that love the sun.  You read that they love the sun, but you have a spot in the shade that you need to fill, so you ignore the instructions.  Worse yet, when the flowers begin to wilt and fry and die, you don’t remedy the situation because you believe they belong in the shade.  The instructions are wrong and you are right. 

Finally, let’s imagine that the house plant and flowers are people.  If you don’t pay attention, give them what they need, or douse them with too much of something and place them in the dark when they need the light, they will wither and die just the same.

What will you do?  Complain because your plants and flowers died?  Complain because they didn’t flourish?

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