Out of the forest…

Whatever is strongest and largest in me called to you through the forest at night. I could see the dark color of your coat as you trekked your path in the fog and it seemed that we would never meet. At times, I could hear you so loud and clear that I could almost touch you….but alas, you were always out of reach and far away. At some point, I completely lost you and all fell quiet in the trees except the changing winds and rustling of creatures who busied themselves with survival and squalor. What did they know of love and laughter? What did they know of you….or me? I pondered. I continued. I encountered thick brush that slowed me down and I almost completely stopped going, but I didn’t. Tired and weary, I broke through inch by inch until one day, the way cleared and I fell into the light of a meadow…..

And saw you emerging from the other side.

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