Dear World…

I understand that you like to dictate what I should do with my life for the sake of mere survival, but we no longer live in a time of hunters and gatherers. We live in a time of creators. We live in a time where we are no longer simple reactionary beings subject to the events around us, but a time where we are masters of problem solving and choosers of our own fate. We live in a time where fighting to survive and a “dog eat dog” mentality are diseases and where fighting to live and a win/win attitude are the nourishment for a fruitful future. Hence, we live in a time that is MY time. Not yours. You had your chance. You had the past. You conditioned much of the human race to a life of stagnancy and suffering and longing. People dreamed and you shut them down with your sudden and catastrophic destruction and drained the blood of their spirit with the monotony of daily demands and pressures. While I never fail to be amazed by your talent for being able to deliver repeated and consistent blows to the hearts of everyone everywhere, I am not your punching bag. I will not take it. I will not sway. I will not just hang here, ready for more…faded and worn from repeated abuse. I am a dancer….a bird. I am beauty and movement. I create. I lift. I embrace. I fly. Like the gardener who grows and the architect who builds, I am the future. Get out of my way.


An Artist on the verge of Creating a Masterpiece

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