A new home with you…

You may be but a world away, but you are the keeper and holder of my heart. Perhaps you are unaware, but it’s been in your care for awhile. Like a stowaway….it hitched a ride home with you on a cold night under the stars in another state when I intended to love you only in the moment without expectation and question. And yet, it wanted to be with you….even as I placed my hands on your face, seeing you in all of your warm moonlit perfection….and it devoted itself to you in a moment and a lifetime….as you took me in your arms for the first time and love became more than mere idea….more than the fantasy of a young girl still trying to find her way.

“You’re special,” I uttered….just as my heart abandoned one home for another without a trace.

And it seemed so easy….letting it go and experiencing the extraordinary combustion that’s you. I felt only a warm electrifying tingle as it forsake my chest for the safety and comfort of yours and only a swift unrelenting magnetism when it pulled the rest of me to you, as well….in one unforgettable rush.

I didn’t know it then, but while my heart took leave, my slumbering mind took care to quietly record each and every reunion, embrace, adventure, and smile with you from that moment on. It recorded the moment when we both realized that what we were experiencing was a gift and the moment you kissed me just inside your front door after weeks apart. It recorded the two of us laying in bed all night for the first time and you telling me I was beautiful….and the night you slid into the booth beside me when we met for dinner, smiling as you touched my leg….and also the time you made me smile when you used the word “glorious” after rescuing me from uncertain peril.

It recorded every single inch of your back as my fingers and hands moved over it more times than I can count….and every glimpse of deep silent vulnerability and strength in your eyes.

But even that’s not all.

It recorded the moment it played all of the other moments back to me….which was also the exact moment I realized that I love you….that I have fallen in love with you and that my heart is completely and unquestionably yours.

And I don’t want it back.

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