Don’t Let Them…

If I could do absolutely anything, I believe I would package hope and hand it out to anyone and everyone who needs it. There are just too many damaged and broken people out there….and many are adults who just can’t seem to find their way to satisfying relationships with those of the opposite sex. They’re frequently heartbroken and left to feel like they will be ultimately rejected by anyone they care about. Trust and defensiveness become issues they can’t quite seem to overcome. They’re lonely and they’ve given up. Many decide that they don’t need anyone and that they are just fine alone. Being alone is then hailed as a strength….but is it?

I am not immune to such feelings. I’ve been heartbroken and rejected more times than I can count. I’ve also done my share of the heartbreaking and rejecting. It’s an unavoidable by-product of people just trying to find the person who somehow makes everything feel just right….and with who they can imagine sharing their journey. We won’t be that person for most…even many of the ones we select and set apart will not select us. And it leaves so many wondering….and afraid.

I’m afraid. I struggle with the fear daily. The sting of every rejection I’ve ever felt still burns in mind, telling me that nothing lasts. All is temporary. You’re chosen up until the point you’re not. You choose up until the point you discard. Again, I’m not immune to the feelings and I will never claim to be. I know them well. However, they are misleading…and they will take you down a path that will only take you farther away from where you really want to be.

Don’t let them.

One thought on “Don’t Let Them…

  1. Agreed, I know this feeling well also. After my divorce, I had this idea that maybe love and relationships ARE pain – that it cant be helped. Perhaps I lost my bearings in the trauma of the relationship split, but I decided I’d lean into those feelings, and risk being hurt….
    It worked … up to a point. The honestly was delicious and the pain wasnt as great as I imagined, but I think I became reckless and lost sight of tenderness


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