Perhaps another time…

I travel like I’m on cocaine. Not that I have any personal and real experience with drug use, mind you…..but travel is, in itself, like a drug to me. I wake early, run around trying to see and experience everything, and I crash fast and hard at the conclusion of each trip. My use ofContinue reading “Perhaps another time…”

Little Gloria…

In 2021, I sold a 38-foot school bus and (with the proceeds) bought a home-built square-drop camper. It wasn’t too cozy at first, but I had a vision…. and completely transformed the interior. I also added bigger tires and a few decals on the exterior, but the trailer never really made it out of IowaContinue reading “Little Gloria…”

To the West…(2022)

Red Cliffs Recreation Area & Zion National Park Kings Canyon, Sequoia, & Yosemite National Parks Pacific Coast Highway ~ California Avenue of the Giants Pacific Coast Highway ~ Oregon Astoria (OR) & La Push (WA) Olympic National Park (WA) & Multnomah Falls (OR) Idaho & Wyoming from the Roadside Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

The Florida Keys…(2022)

Relaxing at the Resort To Key West & the Hemingway Home Botanicals, Wildlife, & The Everglades Coral Castle

Suddenly and just like that…

A little under a month ago, a friend asked me to meet for coffee….and today, I pick her up in Sacramento for a five-day trek up the Pacific Coast. I feel good about it. After leaving Kings Canyon National Park a day earlier than planned to have my camper inspected (I mistakenly thought I spiedContinue reading “Suddenly and just like that…”