Goes without saying…

You saved me yesterday. You walked by as I struggled to remove my rented kayak from a rushing river. It was full of water. I was full of cuss words and pain. You were…..there…..at just the right moment to help me hoist the boat up on an embankment of log stairs. I didn’t notice itContinue reading “Goes without saying…”

Only love has value here…

For months now, I’ve been sitting on some thoughts about which path to take moving forward. I haven’t been stagnant, exactly. I’ve just been taking in “data” as needed in the understanding that it will eventually lead me to some sort of conclusion about the matter. Such is my way. I’m an observer, first…..of externalContinue reading “Only love has value here…”

I am…you

Imagine for a minute….that my soul is yours and everything I experience is, therefore, your experience. I am, essentially, an extension of you. I am your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and hands. Every breathe I take is yours and you feel every beat of my heart. What do you wish for me? What do IContinue reading “I am…you”

Good night, stranger…

Last night as I lay in bed dreaming of you, I ran my own hand over my bare shoulder and down my arm as some sort of telepathic experiment in which I imagined that you could feel me….because you are me. Or maybe, you reside in me…..because you’re always somehow with me….on my travels, duringContinue reading “Good night, stranger…”

I dreamt of feathers… (a poem)

I dreamt of feathers dark and warm wrapping around my naked form And eyes so sharp they pierced my soul and fed me all I ached to know For in the grasp of claws as strong and unrelentingĀ  as love long gone I knew no struggle no fear nor fight upon the rapture of theContinue reading “I dreamt of feathers… (a poem)”